a surveillance camera

Employing Technology to Reduce the Rate of Job Site Theft

November 14, 2018

Construction companies should consider protecting their easily transportable, high-value equipment by maximizing innovations in technology and improving their risk management strategies. For instance, Camera Security Trailers has surveillance systems that can help detect, verify, dispatch […]

Near Field Communication Technology

How NFC Tags Can Improve Your Life

November 5, 2018

Many people fail to harness the power of near-field technology tags because they are not aware of their numerous applications. You can use the tags in a personal capacity or in a business setting to […]

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World News

Four Reasons Companies Should Invest in Custom Business Software

October 25, 2018

For some businesses, off-the-shelf business software should remain on the shelf. Business applications, as mentioned on staveapps.com, “leverage cloud platforms to easily deploy digital solutions” to improve the operations of an organization. While packaged software […]