Event lighting and production

The Type of Lighting System You Should Use for Your Event

March 27, 2018

LED lighting systems deliver the same benefits a standard LED lighting does — impressive energy efficiency, but with an illuminating power that exceeds regular or more conventional lights such as high-intensity discharge lamps (HID). Furthermore, these feature […]

Improve Productivity on a search bar

Top 3 Ways to Increase Business Productivity

March 19, 2018

Time and money is a currency in business, and you obviously cannot afford to lose them. This is the very reason productivity is an important aspect of any business. An unproductive business loses people and […]

House on fire
World News

Fire Prevention Tips Every Homeowner Must Know

March 16, 2018

House fires have been on a downtrend in the U.S. since 2013, according to the country’s Fire Administration. Still, a single fire can cause substantial damage and even cost lives, and that’s devastating enough. As […]

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3 Ways to Enhance Your Church Experience

March 8, 2018

Building a church, they say, is easy. All it takes is faith, a solid investment or donor base, and the will to see it through. It’s maintaining the momentum and spirit of the church that […]