2 Ways Insurance Agencies Can Earn Clients’ Trust

a financial advisor talking to a couple

Studies reveal that there’s a steady decline in the trust levels of clients on their insurance cover providers. In fact, the majority of the American public have little or no trust in their insurance providers. Only 43% of the insured population trusts insurance companies, a considerable decline from 50% in 2007, according to IBM.

One great way to help stem the declining trust levels is to adopt insurance management systems, which can streamline operations and increase efficiency. As a result, companies can tend to claims faster, increasing customer satisfaction. Here are two other proven ways to improve customer trust:

Keep it simple.

Complex and tedious application or claim processes do nothing more than turn away prospective clients. See, much of the complaints against insurance companies don’t happen online. Most people are likely to share their frustrations with close friends and family. That amounts to word of mouth marketing, only it’s highly negative and specifically targeted.

It only takes one bad experience to get members of a family to swear off a given insurance company. Simplifying your processes can help improve your image and endear consumers to your brand.

Be clear on your services.

Opacity and hidden clauses only drive people to treat your company with suspicion. Stories abound of people taking on a medical procedure only to find out their insurance carrier doesn’t cover it. Breaking down the legalese into a more palatable form can put an end to this.

Availing the simplified information through pamphlets, brochures or your website helps people make informed decisions. It takes out the trial and error when buying a premium, which in turn bolsters your trust levels. Eliminating instances that breed misunderstandings help to paint a positive image of a company.

It’s a sad state that most people have little trust in their insurers. However, by eliminating instances that breed misunderstandings, you can endear people to your company.