Dealing with Performance-Based Questions in the CompTIA A+ Certification Test

Along with a line-up of multiple-choice questions, you will encounter performance-based questions in the A+ certification test. These questions will require you to understand and interpret different IT-related situations. More importantly, these questions will gauge your logical knowledge on IT infrastructures.

The Benefits of Practice Tests

A way to deal with performance-based questions is to take an A+ certification practice test. CertBlaster explains that doing so allows you to understand the importance of organization — of properly arranging your thoughts. By practicing, you end up polishing your existing knowledge on IT infrastructures, and you start acquiring new knowledge. You learn to start solving an IT-related problem strategically, rather than approach a situation as if it’s a guessing game.

An A+ certification practice test also teaches you to deal with loads of performance-based questions. The more you take these practice tests, the better you get at answering performance-based questions. When it’s time to take the actual CompTIA A+ test, you can approach this type of questions like you would approach any other question.

The Role of Hands-on Learning

Using a hands-on learning approach when you prepare for the CompTIA A+ certification test will also help you deal with performance-based questions. This is especially useful when you need to see IT-related problems in a better light. Hands-on learning approaches, such as practicing on your PC or your friend’s PC, lets you become a natural problem-solver.

When you answer performance-based questions, simply relying on facts is not enough. Instead, you have to take your knowledge up a notch. You have to analyze and comprehend like it’s the back of your hand.

While tricky, a plus side to performance-based questions in the CompTIA A+ certification test is that these questions come with relatable situations. They also promote out-of-the-box thinking. In this sense, a great way to approach them is to use solutions that are applicable to the real world. To course through performance-based questions successfully, you must be mindful of your time, too. You are only given limited time to address each one.