Failure to Go Mobile Results in Major Losses in Ad Campaigns

Nearly 4.7 million of the 5,696,506 people in Singapore have become Internet users in 2016. This means that the Internet has penetrated 82.5% of the country’s population, representing a 2% increase from the previous year.

And many of these consumers who have access to and use the Internet often reach for their mobile devices to search for goods, products, and services. In fact, online mobile searches now exceed those made through desktop computers and laptops.

This should already make you, as a business owner, realise just how important mobile advertising in Singapore is, a service provided by firms such as Singtel Media.

The Consequences of Skipping Mobile Advertising

Loss of potential market share, an insufficient spread of awareness about your brand, and ultimately, loss of profits are just some of what you can expect to happen most likely when you fail to go mobile.

Just think about it: with millions of consumers conducting online searches through their smart phones and tablets every single day, they could have already known of your organisation if they only saw your mobile-friendly ad.

In other words, even just a single day that passes by without mobile ads can already mean a major loss of business to your competitors.

Taking Advantage of the Rise in On-The-Go Web Queries

In today’s saturated market, you should no longer just rely on the traditional means of advertising. Although you should still set aside resources for print and media ads, as they remain effective even in today’s digital world, you should already start investing in strategies that are more modern.

Mobile ads, such as location-based advertising, expand your reach throughout the people in the country or even outside, in case you offer your products or services outside. And with the kind of competition you face, it is a must that you already take advantage of the massive rise in mobile web queries.