How Contactless Technology is Making a Difference in the World of Business

Business Contact less Technology

Do you own a company ID card which you have to tap on to some device to log you in at work? Or have you ever received a promotional gift card that required you to do the same to avail of the promo? These cards are one small part of the world of contactless technology.

NFC Direct believe that contactless technology has already made a huge difference in many industries today. If you’ve been taking public transport in London, your Oyster card uses the same technology. If you’ve been to a major music festival, their wristbands use the same technology. So, what is contactless technology?

By Definition

Contactless technology uses near-field communication (NFC) which allows two devices to communicate simply by being within a few centimeters from each other. The products and devices that use this technology have an NFC chip that can store data. An NFC reader can receive this data if they are close to each other.

Helping Healthcare

The healthcare industry has been providing better, safer services because of contactless technology. It provides secure access to medical information. It keeps healthcare providers updated with their patient’s needs by letting them wear NGC wristbands. It even provides easier access to information about medicines by adding NFC tags to the medication packaging.

Transforming Retail

Contactless technology helps make the retail customer experience more personalised by making it easier for them to access product information. And most NFC tags can be used throughout the whole lifecycle of the product – pre and post sales.

Supporting Transportation

The transport industry is one of the biggest takers of contactless technology. Commuters can use their NFC cards or their mobile phones as a contactless ticket to get a ride. This is probably one of the biggest changes this technology has given the world of business.


Several other industries are reaping the benefits of contactless technology. And no matter what kind of business you have, there will always be one part of it that can make use of contactless technology today.