How Safe is Your Automated Workplace?

Work safety on a card

Workplace automation can benefit businesses. Not only does it deliver cost-cutting benefits, but it also offers faster services, greater precision and consistency in production. Best of all, automation lessens the possibility of injuries by removing workers in risky work procedures.

But with great automation comes great responsibility. Automated systems require special safety measures in the workplace and careful attention to your safety program. Hazards remain if you do not know the steps in ensuring safety in your automated workplace.

Check if you are following these practices and maximizing the benefits of workplace automation.

Have you trained your employees well?

A systematic guide and hands-on training for your staff handling the automation equipment are necessary.  Make sure that your employees know how to safeguard the machine so that the operator and other employees have protection.

A rigorous training on how to operate the machines will eliminate dangerous situations and foster efficiency in the workplace.

Did you research on the device before purchasing it?

A thorough study of your automation equipment is crucial. Is it the right technology for your business? Does it have the right safety features? Does it meet the standards and regulations of the labor department’s occupational safety office?

Making a careful research before purchasing machines will spell a big difference in managing your business and ensuring safety in the workplace. Firms such as IST Precision can help you with precision automation services.

Are you doing monthly inspections?

All automation equipment has a scheduled maintenance and parts replacement. It is important that your employees are familiar with these schedules and are making routine checks. These are essential in making sure each part is working efficiently.

Are your safety systems in place?

Safety training is certainly not enough. Your workplace should have complete safety systems like installed guardrails, motion sensors, safety gates, well-lit areas, and proper ventilation. Make sure, too, that your employees are wearing protective gear such as hard hats, safety gloves and boots at all times.

An automated workplace sure brings efficiency and high productivity. But we should remember not to sacrifice safety to enjoy the benefits of automation fully.