How Singaporean Firms Can Further Reduce a Record-Low Fatality Rate

Singapore city skyline at night

The workplace fatal injury rate in Singapore may have reached a record-low figure in 2017, but officials believe that they can do more to reduce it even further.

Companies should invest in a broad spectrum of products and services. Portable printers, for instance, reinforce the proper identification of tools. This particularly applies to workers that routinely handle dangerous equipment.

Unprecedented Rate

Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSH) said that the fatal injury rate in 2017 registered at 1.2 per 100,000 workers. This figure already exceeded the target rate of less than 1.8 for 2018, according to WSH Chairman John Ng.

Vehicular-related accidents, falls and injuries from different types of machinery comprised some of the common incidents at the workplace. Between January and April, there were eight fatalities among Singaporean workers. This served as a reason more work needs to be done to meet the target fatality rate of less than 1 per 100,000 workers by 2028.

Target Numbers

Singapore wants to align its workplace safety record with other OECD countries such as Netherlands and Sweden, where workplace fatalities comprise 0.5 and 0.7 per 100,000 employees, respectively. The U.K. also has a low fatality rate at 0.8.

Many programmes and regulations have been launched to help employers with safety improvement at the workplace, including the National WSH Campaign and the Workplace Safety and Health Act.

Still, companies should do their part by prioritising a safer work environment, while employees should also undergo proper awareness and training exercises.


A lower fatality rate would not be possible only with government regulations and initiatives since the private sector’s participation would be important to achieve this. Hence, companies need to invest in products that not only improve safety but also increase the productivity of workers.

What is your strategy for keeping a safe and conducive working environment?