HR Made Easy: Technology’s Helping Hand

Applicants with social media on the floor

The past two decades saw drastic changes for industries all over the world—and technology plays a vital role in it.

As computers and the Internet take over this generation, most businesses choose to take advantage of its capabilities. No modern business can function efficiently without computer technology. Its impact is evident in all business areas, particularly in human resource management (HRM).

Technology continues to transform the role of human resource professionals. Thanks to automation, HR personnel no longer have to deal with manual paperwork, reducing cases of human error and improving their chances of finding the right applicants.

So how does the age of computers redefine today’s human resource solutions?

Cloud: The Game Changer

Today, it’s all in the cloud—meaning a network of servers that secures easy access to valuable data. Be it a native application or a web-based one, cloud-based applications dominate today’s business environment. Without it, HR personnel would still manually collect and store information.

The cloud makes data storage and collection more convenient. There is no need to go through physical documents for pertinent information; all you have to do is go online. The process saves time and resources, enabling HR professionals to do more for their organisations.

Social Media for Recruitment

Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms aren’t just for shares and likes; these can also serve as valuable recruitment tools. In fact, 71% of businesses believed it was effective in filling non-management, salaried positions.

HR departments can post creative advertisements online and have employees share them to reach potential applicants. Applicants who are keen to learn more about their business through blog posts, photos and videos that talk about the company’s story.

Social media is also helpful for professionals who wish to stay updated. Shares of industry news can keep the company well aware of recent HR trends.

Mind the Smartphone

Mobile apps are the future of HR. Since everyone’s on their phone, HR departments focus on adapting these applications to create a platform for employees. Building an all-in-one application (that hosts overtime, sick leaves, and other HR concerns) for the staff makes’ life easier for both HR and the employees.

Technology is revolutionising the way HR professionals find the right people for the right positions. It makes work easier for employees. And overall, it advances how businesses operate—minus the manual tasks.