Things that Make Business Intelligence Important

Business intelligence concept man pressing selecting BI

Data science is a growing industry; it makes sense because for a company to know how to advance and expand, they need information on what they are doing and how it is affecting their market. Market research is also important, so they know whom to focus on and how to cater to their target audience’s needs.

It is understandable that business intelligence software options are now available. But does your company have the time for it?

Here are two essential components that you get when you consider outsourced IT development for business intelligence offered by firms such as CloudXtension.


The number one reason for business intelligence is to gather data. You want to know how your competitors are doing and the numbers can show the quantitative gauge of your efforts versus theirs. You will get information on your sales, as well as how you are doing in the market compared to everyone else.

You will also get information on the demographics of your audience, which ultimately helps you pick the best approach when marketing to them. You might get more data than you need, but that is better than not getting all the important data.

Interpretation of Data

It is not enough that you get the sales numbers. What’s more important is knowing what they mean. Did your sales improve this quarter? Has your target demographics shifted? Is your marketing campaign encouraging sales or are they shareable enough?

More importantly, how many new leads are you generating from your marketing efforts? What about the number of star ratings you receive? Do your customers think your services have improved or worsened?

You get answers to questions like these as the business intelligence data information is interpreted – a task that your outsource partner will include in the business report they give you.

As a business owner, you want to succeed. To do that, you need information on how you are doing and whether you are doing it right.