Vital Characteristics of Civil GPS Jammers

Gps map displayed in the phone

GPS jamming is a continuous threat in various industries nowadays. GPS is facing various opponents on all sides, including a proliferation of jamming equipment that is sold to cause intentional tampering to GPS signals. Although there are various companies that manufacture jamming simulators to provide you with the best anti-jamming systems, it is still vital to know how jammers work.

Understanding Civil GPS Jammers

Various devices that claim to be GPS jammers are widely sold on various websites and other ecommerce stores. In fact, the prices for these devices may vary from a few dollars to a hundred. Most of the jammers available on the market use linear chirp signals. All of them jammed L1, but only six out of the 18 commercially available GPS jammers jammed L2. Meanwhile, none of the devices was able to jam L5.

Uses of GPS Jammers

GPS jammers are originally designed to conceal vehicle location when it comes to military operations. It acts as a clock that gives the government its military privacy, especially when it comes to high-risk operations. There are various reasons why certain entities use signal jammers. Criminals may use signal jammers to cover their illegal activities or even prevent detection from police.

Various Nuisances that GPS Jammers Bring

Although commercially available, GPS jammers can be a nuisance to both the transportation industry and law enforcement agencies. Signal jammers are intentionally designed to interfere with GPS, which can have an effect on vehicle tracking. This feature is a critical part of businesses that use fleet tracking or telematics.

Signal jammers can be a problem in various industries, especially those that depend on global navigation satellite systems and inertial navigation. That’s why there are companies that provide anti-jam testing products that enable the user to identify a specific jamming level and various signal transmission characteristics for narrowband and broadband jammers.