Your Quick Guide to Understanding Shopper Marketing

a woman looking at high-end shoes in a department store

When it comes to advertising and marketing campaigns, the go-to media are always TV, radio, and print. But with the proliferation of online businesses and social media platforms, digital marketing has also become an integral part of the mix.

Marketing, however, does not just stop at these media. You can explore on-ground executions. When it comes to this, you can always use shopper marketing campaigns. If you have no idea what shopper marketing is, this guide will introduce this mode of speaking to the audience.

What is shopper marketing?

CloverPosLove agrees that shopper marketing is a very specific method of targeting shoppers. It does not just target consumers (which is a broad term, by the way), but shoppers – the people who are inside the shopping area. Many experts believe that the psychology of shoppers is different from people who just “consume” products.

The goal of shopper marketing is to make sure there are no obstructions or blockages toward the purchase. As such, strategies depend on how you make shopping experience truly worthwhile and enjoyable. It is important to note that shopper marketing is tactical in nature, meaning you need to say what you need to say as shoppers have short attention span.

How to implement it?

Everything you see within a grocery or a convenience store can be used as a marketing device. You can apply the design and theme of your campaign to the product labels. You can also do bundling to attract more buyers; this is especially useful when you are promoting a new product.

Discounts work, too. You can also leverage on the impulse of the customers by putting last-minute purchases on the POS you bought from Clover. If you care about aesthetics, you can have a visual merchandiser design the displays.

Shopper marketing, in a way, is a form of direct marketing. Everything needs to be quick, sharp, and appealing.