Technician showing computer parts
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Top Reasons to Choose New Jersey For Your IT Business

October 13, 2017

Amazon is rumored to be considering New Jersey for its new headquarters. No one is surprised, really. Among the states in America, New Jersey is one of the most promising because of its people, education, and lifestyle. […]

CCTV camera installed as a security feature in a home
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What are the Best Positions for your CCTV Cameras?

October 11, 2017

When it comes to the provision of adequate surveillance, the placement of your security cameras plays a major role. With the advancement in technology, you can take advantage of CCTV camera placement apps that will […]

Doctor with a medical team
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Telemedicine is Changing Health Care as Consumers Know It

September 27, 2017

Telemedicine continues to grow in popularity. It now represents a considerable branch of the healthcare industry — and for many good reasons. Thanks to this telecommunications technology, patients no longer have to miss their routine […]

Accounting software displayed on a laptop
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An Accounting Software Means Better Business

September 19, 2017

It can be quite a challenge to run a business successfully, especially when there are more tasks than people around to manage it. Without enough manpower, some companies might resort to having employees do several […]

IT Technicians in an office
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How to Find the Right Business Cloud Service

September 13, 2017

Using on-premise performance testing software needs a substantial investment of finances and time. It is no longer a viable option for delivery of the required performance needed to compete in the current market. Cloud-based performance […]

Using the GPS while driving
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Top 4 Benefits of Using A GPS Simulator

September 7, 2017

When you are creating a GPS device, it’s crucial to test it thoroughly and repeatedly. It will reduce development times and slash costs. No matter where you intend to sell the device, testing is an […]

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What Should New Users Know About VoIP?

August 28, 2017

Your business may have switched to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for better communication lines among employees and clients, yet first-time users should be aware of certain misconceptions about using the technology. New users should […]

ICT Concept Art of a Hand Touching a Tablet
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ICT Architects In Australia Earn The Most In FY 2017

August 22, 2017

Information and communication technology (ICT) architects in Australia earned a national average salary of more than $135,000 in the 2017 financial year, according to advertised job listings on SEEK. The employment search platform said that salaries […]