3 Top Benefits of Using a Wholesale SIP Trunk in Your Business

SIP Trunk

Word is already out. You have heard it over and again that using wholesale SIP trunking for your business in place of traditional communication architectures is among the ideal ways of bridging to next-generation communication. Looking into the benefits this kind of communication technology will add to your organization will help you decide if it’s for you.

Here are the three top ones:

You will no longer need to separate data and voice connections

With SIP trunking you will not need to spend extra money for separate data and voice connections. This technology merges voice and data applications seamlessly and channels the two as one element via a single channel, which means it will also save you on space that you could have otherwise used to accommodate the second application.

Higher scalability

It is easier to expand, upgrade and update a wholesale SIP trunk for use in different locations of your business than it is to lay the hardware and cabling for traditional modes of communications. It is important you also note that you can use one SIP trunking account for multi-site enterprises rather than using multiple interface connections.

Reduction in long-distance call charges

SIP trunking comes with the capacity to turn calls to and from different geographical locations into local calls. This feature has enabled enterprises to outsource their connectivity to third party service providers at lower prices since all calls are internet-based communication.

There has been, and will still be, numerous seminars to help distributors, end users and system integrators learn more about SIP trunking issues and applications. However, weighing the benefits that your business gets from using older network architectures against what you project will benefit from using this advanced communication technology will help you make an informed decision on which one you should adopt for your business.