3 Ways You Can Be a Victim of Identity Theft

Everyone will agree that today’s digital advancements have made life a lot easier. But the yin and yang of things always must exist in equilibrium. Besides the speed of communication and the easy access to information, there’s also cybercrime, cyber attackers, and viruses that can make the digital experience bad.

Spycloud.com warns that cybercriminals are making money by taking over hacked accounts; whether it be credit cards, email, or social media. They can do many things once they have this information, and on the top of that list is identity theft.

Here are three unexpected ways hackers can steal your identity:

Your Company’s Database or Internal Chat Program

Companies keep a database of all their employees’ information, which is accessible by an internal network. They also have chat programs that they use to create an internal communication system. Both of which are highly susceptible to being hacked.

Fake Wi-Fi

You may see an unprotected Wi-Fi hotspot in a nearby shop or store when you’re in a public place. Some connections may be legit, and some may be fake hotspots that use software to collect the personal details of those connected to it. This may include bank, email, and credit card information.

Search Engine Manipulation

This begins when a person creates a fake website that looks like a real one, asking for users’ information. These could be sites of banks or online stores that can ask for financial information and physical addresses. Once these sites are up, the criminals find a way to manipulate the different search engines to make them rank highest in searches, fooling customers that these are the actual websites of the companies they trust.

The convenience that technology provides to the world is amazing. And just like all things, it must be used with utmost responsibility. Create a different password for every account and keep any information confidential because cybercriminals and hackers can attack anytime.