Embrace Emerging GPS Technology For 2 Reasons

GPS on an iPad

As competition heats up, you have to dig deeper into your bag of tricks to stay ahead of the competition and grow your sales. Other than having effective marketing and advertising strategies, you need to offer a seamless service. Thankfully, emerging technology makes it possible for companies to improve service delivery.

Lower overheads

Evolving technology presents plumbers with a better solution to what was traditionally a big problem when inspecting drains. Previously, checking a leaking sewer or main drains was a laborious process. In most cases, it would entail lots of digging not to mention a lot of trial and error. On top of messing up the front yard, such a process would saddle a homeowner with a massive bill.

By rigging drain inspection cameras with a GPS system, plumbers can adopt a non-invasive method. These systems boast the unique ability to control the pitch, heading, and roll of any unmanned inspection device. They are especially useful when you need to map out storm drains or inspect mainline sewers spanning over a long distance. The technology grants you higher precision when handling such devices to ensure superior results.

Greater options

Mapping and surveying companies stand to gain considerable advantages by adopting emerging navigation technologies. Thanks to GPS inertial navigation systems like CAST Navigation, you can add drones to your list of arsenal and increase the range of services.

Use of drones to carry out aerial surveys carry a lower price tag compared to chartering a plane. It also comes with greater convenience. Unlike a plane, you have greater control over the speed of a drone. As such, you can collect data in detail and over a smaller area of operation without comprising the quality.

Emerging technology spell a good fortune for many businesses. Embracing new technology helps you to keep your overheads low and increase your range of services.