Ensuring Customer Satisfaction as a SaaS Company

Customer satisfaction concept on a smart phone

It’s not that easy to sell software. Other than having a more specific niche, SaaS companies must understand what pain points potential customers have and understand if they can provide a good solution for that pain. Below are 4 ways you can do this effectively.

Be Benefit-Driven

Just like any other product, your software should provide benefits to your customers. Make them feel that the whole idea of your company is to offer them a product that will significantly ease their daily lives. Let them know that you exist and that they need you. Offer them value and quality, and they will remain happy and loyal to your brand.

Improve Your Best Feature

What’s the best feature of your software service? Is it the speed, design, method, or reliability? Whatever it may be, make the feature even better to keep customers satisfied. Upgrade according to their wants and needs. Doing this does not only make your company reliable but also lessens the chances of customers canceling their subscriptions.

Be Proactive About Renewals

As a software-based company, it is your duty to remind customers about subscription renewals. Send an email or phone them weeks before their subscription’s expiration date. Tell them that their service—or even their card—is about to expire and that you’re notifying them to prevent software issues. Renewal management is important, and it makes customers feel that you care.

Reward Your Customers

Upgrades, discounts, and random rewards are sure-fire ways to keep customers happy. A study published by Social Triggers says that waiters who give customers small gifts (such as mints) receive an average 23% tip. As a SaaS company, you can reward customers by giving out extra storage, free features, or a discount when they subscribe for a year. It’s a solid business strategy that keeps them loyal and satisfied.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, going the extra mile makes consumers trust and love your brand even more. By targeting their wants and needs, you can enhance your credibility as a SaaS company.