Honolulu Police Uses Modern Device to Catch Road Speeders

a police officer using a radar gun

Car drivers in Honolulu need to be more careful and aware of their speed while on the road, as the local police department now uses a new radar gun to catch unsuspecting motorists.

Law enforcement units installed the Stalker DSR2X radar speed readers in 25 marked and unmarked police cars. This new tool allows officers to apprehend speed-limit violators even while they are on the move.

Mobile Enforcement

Honolulu Police Department (HPD) Corporal, Robert Steiner, said that the installation of Stalker radar guns in police vehicles remain anonymous, which will make it more difficult to determine which car has the new equipment.

In the past, police officers had to wait on the side of the road to catch you. This new radar gun will allow officers to be mobile, thanks to radar gun’s sensors on the front and rear end of the car. It will be able to detect speeding violations, whether a person drives in front, behind the police car, or from the opposite direction.

Reducing Speeders

Each radar gun costs $2,500, but the benefits of the new tool may be worth more than the price tag. As speeding often results in deadly car crashes, the Honolulu police department wants the public to slow down.

Their efforts seem to be paying off, as there were only 19,401 citations issued so far between January and April. The numbers from 2015 and 2016 are more encouraging, as the police issued 44,777 and 38,115 speeding tickets, respectively. The Hawaii State Judiciary said that violators must pay $5 per mile over the speed limit, aside from extra charges, such as driver’s education.

Drivers in Honolulu should take note that the police department’s job involves more than just issuing speeding tickets, as they also want the public to realize that road safety is more important.