How Social Media Is Taking The Travel Industry By Storm

Social Media Websites

Social media has taken digital marketing by storm, with good reason. Consumers rely on the platform to source information on products and services. They also check out Facebook or Instagram to find out what other consumers think about certain brands. And people tend to access more online content for travel-related concerns.

Whether you run a small hotel or a premier tourist attraction in your area, harnessing the influence of social media can help your destination entice more visitors.

The Connection Between Social Media and Traveling

People go online to look for travel inspirations. It is one of the most prominent effects of social media on consumers. Most people, most notably millennials, sift through their peers’ posts and they plan their travel activities from there. In fact, 89% of that generation refers to friends’ posts when creating their itineraries.

In addition, they also check reviews from crowd-sourced sites to get validation as part of their research. These websites give them easy access to real guest feedback, which influences their choice of destination and accommodation.

The rise in sharing travel photos and videos online also influence the popularity of social media in digital marketing. This builds an influential web of peer-to-peer content, which can serve as an inspiration to potential guests.

This also enhances customer service and satisfaction, which is why businesses should take note of their social media presence as this is a way for them to get feedback from consumers.

Inspire People to Travel

Planning destinations does not have to only come from your social media profile. There are mobile apps, like Visit Widget, that live on your website and feature only what your customers or guests need. Such tools deliver an interactive planning experience, and provide your business with valuable data.

You can also inspire people to travel to your destination by encouraging previous visitors to post photos or videos, and asking them to use the branded hashtag.

Social media’s influence is undeniable. And you can use it to your business's advantage.