Manufacturing Excellence 101: Power Supply Units

In building a computer, power supply units (PSUs) are possibly the most important component in the system. It is industry knowledge to those who build computers – whether for personal use, as a workstation, or for data centers – that you can never skimp on a power supply. It’s common knowledge among gaming PC builders that its importance is high, across the board. You can experiment with other low-cost parts, but not the power supply.

Often called power converters, this part got the name because of its main job: converting electricity to usable, compatible power for the parts. Anyone who has a basic grasp of electricity will know the importance of stability in delivering power. An incompatible power supply (electricity converted) could cause major damage to the parts, and worse, to the grid within the property.

Up to the Job

Knowing the role that their product plays to millions of consumers, PSU manufacturers seem to be maintaining an exceptionally high standard of quality. It’s noteworthy, to have this kind of consistency.

The names of Seasonic, FSP, Silverstone and Super Flower are at the top of the heap. Each has their own trademark strategy, but it’s rare that these manufacturers miss anything. The sourcing of components, the innumerable QA tests that their products go through (accelerated tests, vibration fatigue, and life cycle), building one single PSU is no joke.

Not all PSUs, however, are created equal. The 80 Plus certification helps sort the efficiency levels of PSUs, ranging from 80 Plus to 80 Plus Titanium. This also defines the performance of the units in terms of DC load regulation and AC ripple. Other factors affect the efficiency of the unit, but the build quality is still the proper gauge of how well it can perform.

The question of the industry’s exceptional standard also puts other components into perspective. While other manufacturers are quick to adapt to trends, the best PSU makers take time before jumping to a new sector. It’s only recently that they started catering to other form factors, and some of them are still cautiously watching their steps.

Power supply units really do excel in quality, from top to bottom. Anyone with a plan to penetrate any market should be taking a similar stance in building their products.