Must-Have Features For Your Destination Marketing App

App developer creating a design concept

App developer creating a design conceptSo, you have successfully convinced your organization that you need an app for destination marketing to attract more tourists to your city. Providing a practical yet enjoyable and seamless user experience would engage visitors better. But before you choose an app developer, you must determine what features your app needs.

Here are some practical features that your DMO app should have:

Social Elements

Offering social opportunities in your app for destination marketing could help increase retention rates and user engagement, all while providing an extra layer of flexibility and ease for visitors. Visit Widget notes that you could also provide direct links to businesses, local offices, and relevant social media pages in your app.


Think of all the travel apps that you love. They’re probably intuitive yet simple and offer detailed information that you might not find while surfing the Internet. Go for a clean interface. Think of the average mobile device’s screen size with high-quality graphics, and then some extras, based on the information that people frequently search for or ask for.

A Highly Intuitive Events Calendar

This is particularly useful for people who are only visiting for a few days and are looking to experience all the activities, tourist spots, and festivals in your city. The app should make it as easier for visitors to plan their trip.

Location-Based Services

Include functionalities that allow users to find directions and get around the city without the fear of being lost or ending up in places where they can't enjoy themselves.

Dynamic Content

Your DMO app should make updating everything as easy and seamless as possible. It must be capable of embedding or syncing with your website, so you only have to update in once place. The content must be helpful, engaging, and professionally written.

Intelligent Analytics

Your app must be capable of monitoring and gathering relevant data, from app downloads to real events going on within it. Of course, this feature is solely for your organization’s use. For instance, if an event in your city proves to be popular, as evidenced by click-throughs and views, you could consider holding that specific event sometime in the future again.

With over 92% of adults in the US using their mobile phones to access the Internet, a mobile app is a surefire way to expand your reach and help educate potential visitors about the wonders of your city. Just keep these must-have features in mind.