Report Estimates 66 % of Global Population to Use Mobile Phones by 2022

Group of Mobile Phone Users

Fixed satellite services (FSS) will need to become more reliable in the next five years. The reason behind this is that there would be an increase in the number of people that use mobile phones.

According to a report, more than 5.5 billion people will already use cell phones by 2022. This would account for 66 per cent of the global population. This figure would represent an increase of up to 3.8 billion users compared with 2.8 billion in 2008.

Survey Findings

This projection was based on a survey participated by more than 9,000 respondents in Australia and Asia. This is along with over 40 annual estimates in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. The report also showed that Android and iOS would remain the two most common mobile operating systems for smartphone users. However, Android would account for 1.8 billion users by 2022, or 73 per cent of the market.

By region, India, Vietnam and Nigeria will continue to be the top 3 fastest growing market for smartphone subscribers, the report noted. Yes, smartphones have dominated the market. However, almost 1.2 billion people still chose to use feature phones such as Nokia’s 3310 model as of 2016.

FSS System

Mobile phone companies are not the only ones that would benefit from the likely increase. It will affect the telecommunications industry as well. They will need to upgrade their satellite services to accommodate the expected surge.

FSS systems have supported the many smartphone functions. They now do more than just calls and text messages. One of the several advantages of these systems includes better coverage reception. As early as now, telecom companies worldwide should start looking for ways to improve their facilities.

As the number of mobile phone users is expected to increase, telecommunication companies around the world should now work to improve their services. That is, if they wish to keep up with the estimated uptick in demand.