Reselling SIP Trunk Services: Here’s What You Could Offer

VOIP HeadsetSIP trunking is becoming increasingly popular for business communications, compelling many IT consulting firms and telco dealers to resell SIP trunking services. And why not, it’s an excellent way to generate a recurring, monthly revenue stream.

Those who choose to resell their SIP trunk wholesale services even opt to bundle them with other specialized options and services. This greatly aids their client’s profitability and boosts the value of services they provide their customers. But what exactly are these value added options and services?

Scalable SIP Trunk

This includes unlimited channels on the dedicated trunk of the client. With this, your customer could choose a bundle of minutes and numbers, allowing them the flexibility to select more if they need it.

Unlimited SIP Trunks

With this option, your client will pay you a monthly fee for every channel they choose. This fee typically covers unlimited long distance and local calling to various parts in the United States and some parts of Canada.

DID or Direct Inward Dialing Inbound Toll-Free Phone Numbers

While plenty of people these days do not use long distance calls, toll-free phone numbers are pretty much standard for businesses who want to present a solid brand image and use more memorable contact numbers. Additionally, as a reseller, you could offer toll-free inbound services for calls coming from the United States and Canada.

International Outbound Calls

SIP trunks are used for making and receiving calls to anywhere in the world, and you could offer international outbound calls by the minute, with different rates per minute depending on the location.

Fax to Email and Fax over IP or FoIP

While it might seem unbelievable that people still use faxing, yes, many businesses still do, particularly those in the legal, insurance, and healthcare industries. You could offer to streamline fax management for clients with FoIP or Fax to Email services.

Reselling SIP trunking services is simply a wise choice for your bottom line, especially with these value-added options and services. You get to earn extra earnings while providing clients with flexible and money-saving business communication services.

However, different SIP trunking service providers offer various services so make certain that you select one that is capable of customizing a robust solution that could fit your client’s particular requirements.