The Advantages of Fiber Optic Internet Connections

fiber optic connections

Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are now offering fiber-optic connections as part of their home packages. Where once customers would be content with a telephone cable Internet service for their homes, now you find more and more people preferring to use fiber connections instead. The reason? A fiber optics connection has more benefits than a traditional cable connection. Experts like Converge ICT explain thaat there are three major benefits of using a fiber Internet connection:

 Faster speeds

During the early days of the Internet, you would have heard of the term 56k or ADSL connection. These terms refer to the average speeds which were ranged from 56k to 10Mbps. These were slow and could only support websites and some Flash-based graphics.

With fiber optic cables, you are looking at Internet connection speeds between 200Mbps and 1Gbps (1000Mbps). Now you can surf, email, stream movies or even conduct live video conferences easily, and in some cases, all at once.

Lower Latency

Internet delays and data loading times lessen when you use fiber optics. High-speed fiber optics can give you lower latency, so you can enjoy quicker loading and downloading time. Now you can use video, surf the Internet, and check your email without worrying about losing the connection.

Better Signal Strength

This is perhaps the biggest distinguishing factor between a fiber optic and traditional Internet connection. Cable connection carries radio waves over long distances. Two major problems with this are that radio waves are susceptible to degradation over long distances and electromagnetic waves affect copper cables.

But fiber optic cables are strands of plastic or glass that carry light waves. These are not easily affected by outside conditions.  Light waves can travel long distance with very little degradation.

Find an ISP that can provide you with the benefits of fiber optics. In this age of digital marketing, social media, and Web surfing, the best ISP provider can give you all of these benefits without any problem.