Versatility Is A Priced Commodity In Mobile App Development

Businessman Using a Tablet for Mobile App Development

Several people are part of the development of a mobile app. This includes designing the interface, checking its functionalities, and even as far as offering support to its users. Many companies struggle with the lack of developers with enough knowledge about every layer of the stack, explains industry expert Cloud Xtension.

The Facebook Model

Facebook, without a doubt, is one of the most popular social media sites. It is now venturing into business applications, but it started the trend of hiring only those considered to be a full-stack developer. It seemed then like everyone only wanted those whose skills and expertise transcended app development steps. There is no problem with this approach. But, there is an issue with the number of full-stack developers available for the taking. 68% of companies who took part in a survey said they were having trouble hiring people with the required skills for the job.

Development Teams Are Downsizing

The tech landscape is not just for companies the size of Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung. There are start-ups included in the mix. Plus, small-to-medium ventures are yet to find their footing. It makes sense for them to outsource some portion of their app development to more experienced tech companies. Ideally, these would be companies with full-stack developers. They have to take advantage of the specialized skills without paying the full-time salary.

Should they decide to hire their people, they want to get the most of each part of the app development team. The few individuals who get to be part of the team need to be in constant communication with each other. If they are not skilled enough in more than one area, collaboration becomes more challenging due to miscommunication and knowledge disparity.

The rise in the number of online courses helping software engineers become full-stack developers is a testament to how in-demand it is. Your company will enjoy having people with a variety of skills, and it’s a wise use of company finances, too.