What are the Best Positions for your CCTV Cameras?

CCTV camera installed as a security feature in a home

When it comes to the provision of adequate surveillance, the placement of your security cameras plays a major role. With the advancement in technology, you can take advantage of CCTV camera placement apps that will guide you through the installation process and help you with all the necessary adjustments until you find the perfect view.

In South Africa, CCTV kits sold by companies like Surveillance Africa have these features. So it will be user-friendly and easy to install. But before that, where should you place your home CCTV cameras?

1. The front door

According to research, 34% of burglars resort to the front door. To ensure its safety from being knocked out by the intruders, place the CCTV camera on the second-floor level, or on the elves of your building pointing directly to the front door. If you only have one level, ensure that your camera is enclosed in a mesh to protect it from being tampered with.

2. Back Door

Thieves can access your home through the back door. That means you must install a camera on this door as well as any other side doors on your backyard. With the backdoor camera, ensure to install a CCTV that is both waterproof and has a well-defined night vision. Reason being, most thieves, choose the backdoor due to the limited light, especially at night.

3. Off street windows

When breaking in, burglars often prefer to break a rear window. By selecting a window located off the direct view of the street, they minimize the chance of being seen by other people hence caught by the authorities. By placing CCTV Camera at rear windows, you have a better chance of catching any intruders to your home.

Security cameras are the most primary way in which you can protect your family. The number of CCTV kits you require depends on the size of your home, your budget and the purpose of the surveillance system.