Things to Look for When Buying Bluetooth Speakers

Sound waves vector artMusic is part many people’s daily life and activities. Portable speakers have become a common sight as many people want to bring their customized music playlist with them anywhere.

Companies like Fugoo explain that today’s technology allows mobile speakers that can withstand the elements and still have great sound quality. These include Bluetooth speakers that can connect to any mobile device so you can play music anywhere. For most people who like to bring their music everywhere, the following qualities are the main attractions.


Bluetooth speakers don’t require an Internet connection or a network to function. Before, Bluetooth chips were limited in transmission distances of between 33 and 50 feet, but this has improved significantly. Bluetooth chips are now included in any mobile or computer device; you have the connectivity you need anywhere you are. Technology has made it possible for everyone to take mobile speakers anywhere.

High Functionality

Sound quality is a must when shopping for Bluetooth speakers. Recent advancements have put it on equal footing with CD-quality high-definition audio with the addition of aptX codec and other innovations. It can also be compared to the quality of Wi-Fi streaming, minus the need for an Internet connection.

More importantly, Bluetooth speakers are now built for extreme weather and climates. Since they’re meant to be portable, the casing and body have been improved to be snowproof, heatproof, waterproof, and shockproof.

Battery Efficiency

Bluetooth speakers run on internal batteries, but you could charge them using a USB or electronic charger.  Current Bluetooth speaker models now have impressive estimated playing times which translates to hours and hours of music on a single charge. Other models also allow you to plug your mobile device into the speakers to charge it – and vice versa. There are even innovative products that help you charge your gadgets without cables.

When searching for Bluetooth speakers, make sure they have features that suit your lifestyle and budget. Technology has made customization and mobility the main features of many gadgets, and that includes speakers that you could use for any activity anywhere you may be.