Spillage Management Supplies For Your Spill Kit

Wet floor caution sign

One of the major causes of accidents in the workplace is spillage. This can cause inconvenience, downtime, and even health hazard at the workplace. To avoid falls and related accidents, it is advised that you spot and remove the spillage quickly. Government regulations for workplace health and safety should always be observed.

To add, you can better manage spillages if your staff has the needed skills and knowledge. Everyone should be aware of the causes and effects of spillages in the workplace. You should also have the right tools to manage the spillage efficiently.

Managing spillage can help reduce downtime and the risk of injuries from slips and falls. You should place the spill supplies in the areas having a high potential of spillages. This is so that you can contain any spills with minimal wastage of materials. It is important to ensure that every spill kit you purchase has the essential components.

General-Purpose Spillage Management Supplies

This includes protective clothing, such as safety goggles, overshoes, overalls, and gloves. There should also be absorbent materials like spill socks, pads, and paper towels. For clean-up, you will need tape or twist-tied disposal bags, a polypropylene broom and a dustpan and a waste container. You also have to be keen to note the following:

You have to provide your employees with high-quality personal protective equipment so that they can safely mop up the spillage.

The PPE should be suitable for containing the type of spillage that you encounter most often at your workplace. If you do not handle particularly large or toxic spills, blood, chemicals, solvents or petroleum fuels, it will not be cost-efficient to purchase larger and more complex PPEs.

Ensuring your spill kits have the right supplies will save you time, the inconvenience of containing spillage and the risk of accidents.