Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

a fire sprinkler inside an office

It is always advisable to prepare adequately in case of disasters at your place of work. One way to do so is by getting fire sprinklers to protect your commercial property against fire or smoke.

There are plenty of fire sprinklers available today, with each having a different set of properties. This article describes various types of fire sprinklers available today. However, before purchasing, it is essential to consult fire sprinkler constructors about what is most suitable for your commercial properties in Utah.

Wet Pipe System

This consists of water-filled pipes and sprinkler heads. When a fire starts, the heat produced makes the sprinkler head burst, thus discharging water. Since they are all independent, the sprinkler heads do not burst out all at once. Instead, each releases water once it detects high heat levels. As such, the wet pipe system significantly reduces water damage in case of a false fire alarm. This makes it the most famous fire sprinkler system.

Dry Pipe System

If you live in a cold and wet climate, wet pipes will not be suitable for you because they are likely to freeze. This is where the dry pipe system comes in handy. Upon fire or heat detection, the sprinkler heads are activated, which in turn discharge water into the pipes. Dry pipe systems are more complicated than others, making them more expensive. However, they have a higher response time since the water is not in the pipes.

Deluge Sprinkler System

This does not have the heat detection element that is present in both dry and wet systems. Instead, it has a standard trigger, which forces the valves open in case of a fire. Once free, the water is discharged to the pipe systems, where it sprays from all sprinklers all at once. This system is recommended for industries that deal with flammable liquids.

For maximum protection, it is advisable that you get professionals who will assess your building and advise you on the requirements. Moreover, you must ensure that the system is functional through regular maintenance. This way, you will always be ready for disasters.