2018 Business Trends: 3 Mobile Technologies to Look Forward To

2017 was a remarkable time for mobile app development because more companies are realizing that apps are no longer just an optional venture; they are a necessity. Studies show that utilizing mobile technologies in marketing allows businesses to increase sales and meet customer demand. Last year, the projected number of apps downloaded increased to 254 billion – a dramatic rise from the 57.33 billion figure in 2012.

Experts at praxent.com explain that mobile apps today are used for direct marketing, increasing customer engagement, and branding. While the market is still dominated by lifestyle, gaming, and social media apps, there are new trends for app development to look forward to this 2018.

1. Virtual/Augmented Reality Apps

VR and AR are going beyond the realm of gaming and entertainment as businesses and consumers demand new technologies this year. Both applications hold immense potential when it comes to transforming a wide range of industry sectors. Retail, healthcare, real estate, and engineering industries are driving the trend for AR, while game and events focus on VR enterprise.

2. Mobile Payments

Companies who are still accepting only traditional payment methods need to invest in mobile payment applications. This is because the population of customers engaging in online shopping is growing significantly. The introduction of Google Wallet and Apple Pay also influence customers to turn to m-commerce.

3. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Chatbots

Businesses can now talk to their customers and attend to their concerns 24/7 with the help of AI apps and chatbots. These provide customized replies based on the user’s preferences. They can adapt and hold intelligent conversations through bot observation. It’s proving to be highly lucrative for businesses of any size.

2018 is a prime year for mobile app development. Companies who keep up with the latest trends and technologies can stay relevant and competitive, as well as bring their best service to the end users.