Crime Deterrents: Why the Appearance of Security is Just as Effective as Actual Security


Although it’s important for any business to have physical security such as guards and access control systems, deterrents are almost always just as effective.

In some cases, apartments and condominiums can go for years without incident simply because they have a deterrent system in place. Here are some examples of crime deterrents that commercial establishments can employ to boost their security measures.

Security Cameras

Even the mere presence of a security camera is enough to make a potential burglar think twice about breaking into an apartment building or commercial establishment. Studies show that, not only do they prevent would-be thieves from breaking and entering, actually having the cameras pointed inside the apartment or the establishment can greatly reduce instances of crime.

Reports from various law enforcement agencies around the country note that businesses, particularly banks and other financial institutions, with security cameras in place had fewer cases of theft by employees than businesses without cameras. Meanwhile, apartment building security systems have been instrumental in driving down instances of petty theft in residential buildings.


When people think security, they tend to automatically envision large, tall gates. Although more commonly seen in commercial establishments, residential communities can also reap the benefits of high gates as a crime deterrent. Gated communities enjoy lower instances of burglary, breaking-and-entering, and other non-violent crimes.

Commercial establishments with gates likewise have lower crime rates. Gates are a simple solution, although a bit deceptive in their simplicity – while they offer security, the establishment is still technically open and accessible to those who are really determined to get in. However, a well-designed and well-placed gate can severely restrict a would-be criminal’s movements, slowing them down long enough for people to notice their presence.

Well-Lit Places

policeOne of the most straightforward, easiest ways to deter crime is to maintain an area that is clean and well-lit. According to the LAPD, lighting the inside and outside of a business, especially around doors, windows, skylights, or other entry points, is very effective at deterring burglars. As an extra security measure, cover exterior lights with high-quality shades to prevent tampering.

In this day and age, installing a security system is an investment that commercial establishment need to be making. Compromising on security not only hurts a business in the present but also in the long run.

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