Dust Collection: Which Collector Should You Use?

Janitor vacuuming floor

Air cleanliness, hygiene and overall well-being of workers in an industrial or commercial setting earn the company various international certifications and recognitions. This is why you cannot afford to take a shortcut e in dust collection.

The size of your office or warehouse, the number of people occupying it and a price that fits your budget are major factors that influence the type of a dust collector that you purchase.

Here are the three major types of dust collectors available on the market:

Filter Bag Collectors

Also referred to as baghouse, these collectors are the most widely used. They have the broadest application and with proper operation and maintenance, they offer the highest level of performance among all dust collectors. Their application includes but is not limited to industrial processing – chemical, mineral, rubber, pharmaceuticals, and food products- , power generation, metal production and processing and wood milling.

Cartridge collectors

This type is categorically designed to handle specially shaped and sized types of dusts (not more than 50 micron and granular shaped), as well as low grain dust levels (not more than 5 grains per cubic foot). Some dusts need minimal media flexing during the dusting process, cartridge collectors perform well in such applications. It is mostly used in sandblasting, grinding, plasma and laser cutter fumes, fine powder chemicals, welding fumes and pharmaceuticals.

Cyclone collectors

Cyclone collectors are normally used as the primary tool to lighten deeply set dust loads ahead of applying the primary level stage fabric collector. This collector gets rid of the large particles, hence allowing the fabric collector to remove the finer particles alone. This maximises the operational life of the fabric collector and its filters.

Dust collection not only helps your company meet the requirements of clean outdoor and indoor environment, but also goes a long way in protecting your employees from harmful diseases. Make sure to invest in a machine that is most suitable to your application for maximum air cleanliness.