Taking Advantage of the Travel Boom: Here’s How to Advertise Your Business

Millennial tourists touring the streets

More people are traveling. Since 2014, more international trips have been recorded, and there is no sign of it slowing down just yet. For your business, this means a lot of seasonal customers–those who might check you out on Google several times before deciding on whether you are worthy to be part of their travel itinerary.

Here’s how you should market your business to get more customers:

Showcase Local Destinations

According to CNN, 1.2 billion international tourists were recorded in 2015. Imagine just a tenth of that going to your city, and you will be swamped with potential customers. But of course, there are several businesses just like yours, all vying for their attention.

For a bigger chance to get their attention, try working with the local government. Feature popular landmarks in an application for destination marketing, and have some coupons ready for use in your establishment.

Work with Local Artists

Millennials are quite the travelers. They enjoy the experience and follow the road less traveled. They also enjoy discovering local talents. Adorn your business with artwork from local artists, or collaborate with them to come up with a contest that everyone can join. You’re making yourself an important part of the local culture, and local artists will want to work with you, as well. Everyone wins.

Participate in Local Events

The number of tourists skyrockets when local festivities are happening in the area. Take this as your cue to be more visible. Display some maps and helpful guides in your reception area, and have your leaflets at the tourism booth. The local government wants to give as many options to tourists, and it won’t hurt your business to be a little more visible during local events.

When your local area is teeming with tourists, it benefits both the government and local businesses. Give each visitor an unforgettable experience, and you might just see them coming back more regularly.