The Rookie Marketing Blunders to Avoid

Businessman reviewing their digital marketing planDo you know how much influence companies can achieve online? A strong online presence is increasingly important to give you an edge over your competitors. So, you want to make sure that you do it right.

Using the services of a digital marketing agency in Singapore will help your company to develop an internet savvy profile; it will also help you to avoid common errors. Here are two of the major marketing mistakes to watch out for:

1. Being too personal on digital platforms.

Social media offers a strong platform to inspire your potential clients. People don’t need to know your every like or pet peeve, but you need to show that your company has a human side. Upload quotes or stories from your employees; talk about your company’s passions, ethics and what makes it tick. Encourage site visitors to voice their opinions, engage in discussions and to share your post with others. It will bring your target clients closer to understanding the brand image you want to portray, and pro-actively generate your company’s presence online.

2. Believing you must join every popular platform.

You’re running a business, so you won’t have time to go from one platform to another. Avoid expanding your brand too thinly online. Concentrate on creating a strong following and develop meaningful connections with potential and ongoing clients.

Ensure you bring quality and value to every post, and think about which platforms are most suitable. Then focus on a couple of established networks: use Instagram or Pinterest if your content mostly involves visuals; conquer YouTube if you always generate videos; take on Twitter if you offer timely updates on the industry.

Don’t risk your company’s social media following because of neglect or poor content. Consider the mistakes mentioned above, as they could make or break you, and take care of your online presence.