Types of Positive Displacement Water Pumps for Industrial Applications

water pump system

Pumps are crucial machines in industrial applications. There are many types of pumps designed for industrial use, but positive displacement pumps remain popular. These pumps have a decreasing hollow space on the discharge side and an expanding one on their suction side.

Liquids enter the suction side on expansion and flow out of the discharge end as the pump’s cavity collapses. When looking for an industrial water pump, various positive displacement types can suit your operation. Here are a few of the best.

Peristaltic/Hose pump

This pump has a roller, which squeezes a hose or tube while it rotates. This squeezing action conveys liquids through the tube. A peristaltic pump is used to transmit chlorine and other water disinfectants in sewage treatment plants, wineries, and other industrial applications that require seal less pumping. Since the pump requires no use of seals, there are minimal chances of fluid leakage.

Piston pump

This pump includes a single or double acting piston, which is sealed with o-rings and attached on cylinder walls. There are outlet and inlet check valves designed for each piston. Piston pumps are primarily used in reverse osmosis, wash down services and other industrial applications that require high water pressure. Since their speed is slower than most pumps, piston pumps might require less maintenance.

Plunger pump

This pump has three to five reciprocating plungers, which work independently with outlet and inlet check valves for each plunger. They are used in applications that require a high water pressure. Unlike piston pumps, plunger pumps are not ideal for highly abrasive liquids.

There are many benefits of selecting from these pumps as opposed to others for your water pump. These positive displacement pumps maintain a constant volume regardless of your operation pressure changes. They also have a self-priming ability negating the need to routinely stop your operation to dispel trapped air.