Is Switching to SaaS a Good Investment in 2017?

Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions could be your best investment option in 2017 if you often think about keeping up with or even outplaying your competitors.

SaaS falls under one category under cloud computing services that aim to streamline and replace on-premise technologies. This includes several business aspects, such as human resources and payroll systems. Finding a good service provider will often require you to adapt a strategy on SaaS vendors management, as you will likely have to obtain several solutions from different providers.

Long-Term Investment

If you currently consider switching to SaaS systems, you need to be aware that the use of cloud applications works better over a long period. Like any other business venture, it is best to judge the return on investment not based on a short timeframe.

Cost savings probably serve as the top reason more companies are transferring their on-premise systems to the cloud. It only requires you to implement SaaS based on your preferences and then access your systems and information through the Internet. Unlike on-premise systems, cloud applications only take shorter times to deploy.

A Beneficial Move

Other than cost-reduction, simpler maintenance is another benefit of moving to the cloud because you no longer need hardware and server equipment. As a result, you can use space for other purposes that otherwise would have been intended for IT resources.

A caveat, however, involves planning and perfect timing for your transition. Even if SaaS only requires less time to implement, you will still need to set a budget for it, as well as train your IT staff to be familiar with the new system.

As the competition heats up, software changes and updates are becoming more relevant. This alone should be a factor in determining why you should make the switch to SaaS this year.