Multiple Social Media Platforms Condone Censorship

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Political division is rearing its ugly head in various social media platforms. The ban on Alex Jones and the conservative site Infowars on Twitter, Youtube, Spotify, Google, and Apple — is an indicator of things to come.

Protect Yourself

Mob rule and the outrage mentality has taken hold of social media and even a large part of society itself. If you or your company lean even a bit conservative, it would be prudent to store your online content with an archive services provider like and consider alternative hosting sites for your content. You’ll never know if you and your site will be targeted by people claiming to be offended by some minor insignificant (or imaginary) detail. Remember that even NBC now considers the “OK” sign as a white power symbol! Alex Jones may have been the first — but with the rising political tribalism — everyone is at risk.

Rally Others

Corporations have embraced the outrage mentality, but a concentrated pushback from their target market can sometimes change things for the better. This has been proven several times in the gaming community, from Guild Wars to Battlefield 5 to the recent Roll20 fiasco. Customers aired their outrage over tribalism and outrage mentality — and the companies listened. Personnel were fired, and policies changed for the better.

Fight Back

Though it might be a herculean task to go up against powerful corporations that rule over social media and most of the internet — with enough people it can be done. Don’t easily accept censorship. A modicum of resistance and popular support — as shown by PragerU’s fight with Youtube — can force a company as domineering as Youtube to review its policies and do the right thing.

Online censorship is real. Everyone must do their part to ensure that voices are not silenced and that ideas can be exchanged without the fear of reprisal.